How To Prevent Premature Carpet Replacement

  • How To Prevent Premature Carpet Replacement

    How To Prevent Premature Carpet Replacement


    Carpeting is the second largest interior investment made by your company. Carpeting will require premature replacement if a budget for a comprehensive maintenance program is not established!Carpeting does not wear out, it uglies out! Dry soil particulate and foreign matter burrow deep in between carpet fibers. The result is a “sandpaper” effect on fibers. Thus, everyday foot traffic results in premature wear patterns that make the carpet appear soiled. This phenomenon is called “Apparent Soil.” Once the carpet has been damaged by this phenomenon, little can be done to restore the carpet to its original appearance.


    The combination of your product specification, traffic patterns and soiling, dry, wet or oily, will impact the Long Term Appearance Retention of your floor covering.


    Initiate a daily vacuuming regimen provided by your housekeeping or janitorial staff, utilizing the proper equipment and frequency. Do not allow back pack vacuums to be the exclusive tools used by your janitorial provider!


    Plan a Barrier Matting “Track Off System”
    Begin outside of your building, carry through the vestibule and finish it inside your facilities. You must repeat this process at all entrances, making sure that the total “track off” is at least nine to twelve feet.


    Choosing Midland Floor Care’s Comprehensive Program
    Our multi-process services will not void the manufacturer’s warranty
    All of our technicians are IICRC trained and certified

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